image Former WDFN mainstay Mike Stone joined Mitch Albom on WJR to promote his new book, ‘The Great Book of Detroit Sports Lists’.
Stoney talked about the Red Wings, Lions, Tigers and of course a little about the new book.  He also mentioned he has no plans or offers to return to the air be is clearly still interested.  In the meantime, he’s hanging out, doing his show on Channel 7 and following Bruce around.  (That’s good livin’).

Mitch didn’t disappoint, delivering another demonstration of how he’s completely out of touch, saying of the Lions first round draft selection, “since they picked Stafford, there has been universal approval of that pick.

This wasn’t said in jest. Of course he’s right if by “universal approval” he means complete outrage by the overwhelming majority of the fanbase.

Here’s the full audio of the interview.

“Sweeping Cuts” at WDFN, Stoney & Wojo Gone!
The Great Book of Detroit Sports Lists from

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  1. “Of course he’s right if by ‘universal approval’ he means complete outrage by the overwhelming majority of the fanbase”

    Does the fanbase count though as either having expert knowledge or experience though? Or was Mitch perhaps referring to the Kiper’s of the world? Which, if so, Mitch would be entirely correct. Most of the pundits liked the pick but not the contract.

    Listen, all these DECADES of losing has definitely made Lions fans bipolar. Personally, I wouldn’t trust the opinion of a fanbase that continues to sell out games for the worst franchise in the history of North American sports despite the owner obviously not giving a flying $&*@!# about the product.