Oh this is a beauty. You won’t believe these comments from Michigan offensive coordinator Mike DeBord. I was never really sure about this guy. There is a legion of folks in Mount Pleasant that can’t stand the man and what he did for the Chips. But this quote really chapped my ass. Here’s DeBord addressing the press on how he’d attack USC’s defense knowing what he learned during the game:

“I’d run the ball again. When you’re getting sacked, tell me how you’re going to keep throwing the ball and you’re going to make improvements. I don’t understand that. So no. I’d run the ball. I wouldn’t do anything different.”

WHAT? What don’t you understand? You stubborn man. Carr shouldn’t have DeBord’s head for this. I’d like to chalk this up to DeBord being a smart ass, but it doesn’t sound like he was.


  1. After reading this comment, I hope there is no more speculating why Michigan lost!

    Enough is enough! Martin needs to do his job.

  2. DeBord is the offensive coordinator, not the head coach! If the strategy was not working and had no chance of working as we all recognized, then the Head Coach has to make the decision to change it! He is the boss and is accountable.

    This does not excuse DeBord from making such an idiotic statement but the “buck stops” with the main man, the head coach!

  3. i live in ohio and i am very loyal michigan fan have been for years.. everyone ask how i can be a michigan fan and live here in ohio up to this point it has been easy to give them an answer.. but now i ask myself the same question… for the last four years i am embarrassed the last two games of the season… i will get rid of all my Michigan hats,shirts and ect. i cant take it any more… lloyd carr MUST go….there is too many good young coaches out there to suffer anymore with carr…