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Heading into the season we figured Harbaugh was the answer but that he needed time.  We hoped that time would be short, even just maybe something would happen this year.  We hoped that under his tutelage, a quarterback would emerge to lead this team.  And  we hoped somehow we’d muster a running game and the defense would come together.   So here we are in mid-November with much on the line and with the events of the past few weeks—very hopeful.

Rudock looked like a different cat out there, with a new level of confidence and toughness.  At times he looked a bit like a young coach Harbaugh himself with the fierce runs on third down and balls to fire the pigskin over the middle.  And as Sap said, the passing game is starting to click.

The concerns for these 2 weeks are obvious.  A winless in B1G team in IU won the line of scrimmage and the “yeah but Glasgow” excuse turned into this.   We still couldn’t really run the ball and in space the first “man”, meaning mainly an Indiana 19 year old kid, took us down.  The penalties were horrible.  The linebackers were ineffective at best.  We missed a bunch of tackles.

But you are hopeful, aren’t you?  Despite all that stuff Michigan is a really tough team to beat and they will compete.

A few quick Sights and Sounds:

  • Uniform Timeline – Is the Sharpie-on-helmets timeline worthy?  Yes sir, especially if just about everyone on the team participates.  Updated with the custom #CHADTOUGH tribute to Chad Carr.
  • Mood – Putting aside the sadness globally and locally, the Mood stays pegged on 86.
  • OT success – With the win, I believe that puts Michigan at 10-32 all time in overtime games.
  • Nailbiters in general – The last few weeks have been crazy for sure, but there’s still work to do to top this stretch in 2005:
    • 9/24/2005 Wisconsin – Loss, Wisconsin TD with :24 left
    • 10/1/2005 MSU – Win, Field Goal on last play of game in OT
    • 10/8/2005 Minnesota – Loss, Field Goal with :01 left
    • 10/15/2005 –  Penn State – Win, TD on last play of game
    • 10/22/2005 –  Iowa Win, TD on last play of game in OT
  • Holding – Props to Blake O’Neill for getting a couple rough snaps down, including the crucial extra point at the end of the game.
  • History notes from #1000SSS:
    • Michigan has now won 20 consecutive games in the series against IU and improves to 55-9 all-time vs. the Hoosiers. U-M has won 17 of 18 meetings at Memorial Stadium and has been ranked in all 18 contests.
    • Butt now ranks No. 6 on U-M’s all-time tight end receptions list and No. 9 on the all-time list for yardage by a Wolverine tight end. He is 10th in single-season receptions by a tight end. Butt now has six receiving touchdowns, good enough for a ninth place tie for tight ends.
    • Quarterback Jake Rudock set a single-game record at U-M with six touchdown passes. No QB had more than four previously.


Ace mgoblog:

Michigan survived the chaos and remains alive in the Big Ten race; they can control their own destiny if they beat Penn State and Ohio State takes cares of Michigan State next weekend. After an up-and-down first half of the year, the offense is hitting its stride, albeit with help from the generous Rutgers and Indiana defenses they’ve faced the last two weeks.

Glasgow’s injury looms large, however. Jim Harbaugh announced after the game that the pectoral injury suffered last week will keep Michigan’s D-line linchpin out for the season. Michigan faces a pair of top-notch running backs the next to close the regular season in Saquon Barkley and Ezekiel Elliott, to say nothing of the other weapons on Ohio State’s offense. The line, the unquestioned strength of the team until this week, now has to stiffen up if the Wolverines want a shot at that ever-elusive Big Ten title.


Indiana showed pass, then, given a chance to think about it, got Sudfeld scramble to the two and one last play.  Then Indiana called timeout to think about it and outsmarted themselves.  Discounting a punt and a field goal attempt, Indiana had called 20 consecutive run plays for 159 yards, two touchdowns, and a field goal.  It was working.  So yes, Durkin and the Michigan defense were probably expecting run, but they never sold out to buy into it.  Delano Hill stuck on his man, fought him tooth and nail, broke up the pass, and Michigan survived 48-41 and walked out of Bloomington with their 20 game winning streak against Indiana intact.


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WoW – what a finish!  Take the W and get out of Bloomington.  A win is a win. Now it’s onward – to your Champions.

OFFENSIVE CHAMPION – When things start to click, your game becomes one with your teammates.  Plays that weren’t being made before, suddenly look like old hat.  Jake Rudock is starting to click, but more importantly, he’s clicking with Jehu Chesson.  That deep threat wasn’t there earlier in the season, but in these last two games, especially against Indiana, Jake Rudock to Jehu Chesson has been money.  The two had record-setting performances Saturday night and it’s a perfect time in the season for this to happen.  The threat of a deep passing game can only help the Michigan offense these next two games.  Jake to Jehu – sounds much like another great Michigan QB to WR combination: Benny (Friedman) to Bennie (Oosterbaan).

DEFENSIVE CHAMPION – Playing against a spread offense like IU only brings out the worst in your defense.  It exposes lack of depth.  It exposes poor tackling in open space.  It’s never a pretty picture on D.  As the game wore on, and as IU’s Jordan Howard kept ripping off huge run after huge run, I wasn’t going to select a Champion on defense.  It just felt as if I would be rewarding the player who got torched the least.  Throughout the game I noticed Delano Hill was not getting burned as much, so I was leaning towards him.  In overtime I kept thinking that just one player needed to make a play.  It was only fitting that Delano Hill made THE play – AWESOME!!

SPECIAL TEAMS CHAMPIONJourdan Lewis is making a case for being a two-way player.  I got no problem with him returning kickoffs.  He has the open field vision to “run where they ain’t” and that’s critical on kick returns.  While Jabrill can do the job back there, Jourdan is showing everybody that there is no major drop off with #26 returning kicks.

COACHING STAFF – Maybe it’s just me, but I truly believe the timeout Michigan took in overtime when IU had the ball on their last possession, really made a difference.  I think the Indiana coaching staff took the extra time to out-think themselves. Instead of going Beast-mode, they went to the air and, well…we know how that turned out!  I know it’s an old saying, but I gotta say it: “Hoosier Daddy?”

UNIFORM CHAMPION – So cool to see the entire Michigan team write “#ChadTough” in their own personal way on the back of their helmets.

chad Tough

A special tribute to a special kid.  A touching and class act by the Michigan Family.  GO BLUE!!  GO CHAD!!

Virtual Sap helmet:


Decals dealt out in previous weeks:

    • Utah: Jake Butt, Jabrill Peppers, Blake O’Neill, (Uniform: White Road Uniforms), John Kryk
    • Oregon State:  De’Veon Smith, Chris Wormley, Delano Hill, The Coaching Staff
    • UNLV:  Ty Issac, Channing Stribling, Blake O’Neill
    • BYU: Jake Rudock, Defensive Line, Jabrill Peppers, (Uniform: Properly Hiked up White Socks), Amara Darboh
    • Maryland: Drake Johnson, Desmond Morgan, Kenny Allen, (Uniform: Blue lyrca leggings).
    • Northwestern: Jehu Chesson, Jourdan Lewis, Offensive Line, (Uniform: Maize and Blue gloves).
    • Michigan State:  No Champions
    • Minnesota: Wilton Speight, Michigan defense, Jabrill Peppers, (Uniform: Stickers crossing the stripes! :O)
    • Rutgers: Jake Rudock, Taco Charlton, Jim Harbaugh
    • Indiana: Jake Rudock, Jehu Chesson, Delano Hill, Jourdan Lewis, Coaching staff, (Uniform: #CHADTOUGH on helmets)


Last week I talked about finding the “bottom”, that is, the end of the spiral of crappy things happening to this football team.  I don’t know if we’re there, but out there before the game Saturday you felt a weight was lifted and the mood was actually a bit festive.

Re: Big Dave – Ultimately what did Brandon in weren’t the changes he made to the athletic program.  Even the biggest haters would admit there were some things he did that worked.  For me, I’ll fondly remember his role in smoothing out the practice-gate mess (even before he was AD), bringing in the night games and adding the Legends Program.   What sunk Brandon was that he treated people like crap.

As I’ve seen (and heard behind the scenes), being an outsider, President Schlissel took a look under the covers during these past few weeks he found a very conspicuous lack of people standing up to defend Big Dave.  Take Hoke.  You are probably tired of hearing how he is a such good dude.  While very few (if any) people think Brady will be coaching next year, when he’s evaluated I’m certain he’ll have many folks to throw support his way in some form or another, because he’s down to earth, lacks a noticeable ego and relates to people.  You can be a strong leader and make major changes without being a complete cock.

Historic Shift Afoot – I’ll probably hit more on this later, as you might guess were are living through one of the biggest regime swaps in athletics/football department history.  Off the top in no particular order:

* Late 1960s – Don Canham “wins” AD position, Bump moves out of coaching into athletic department, Bo Schembechler hired.

* Late 1930s – Harry Kipke fired, Yost’s authority suppressed when Ralph Aigler brings in Fritz Crisler.

* 2000s – Dave Brandon takes over, fires RichRod and hires in Brady Hoke.

* Today – New President Schlissel fires Brandon fired and (football coaching situation TBD).


After the jump – Arena, Mood, and more

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Check this out from the 1932 Youngstown Vindicator newspaper.  It’s a feature called ‘Football for the Fan’ by coach Howard H. Jones.   Coach Jones was a legendary coach at USC with many other stints including Ohio State in 1910 (3-3 tie in Columbus vs. Yost if you need it—the Buckeye fans went wild.)

In the FFTF feature, Jones lays out an in-game scenario and asks readers, ‘What Would You Do?’:


It appears as Jones had different coaches suggest a play to “answer” the question, and this one was addressed by then-Kansas State coach Bo McMillin. And don’t knock McMillin—after leaving Kansas he went onto Indiana where he bested Crisler in Ann Arbor & led the Hoosiers to the 1945 conference title!  A football title in Bloomington is a one way ticket to the college football HOF, yes sir.

After that McMillin went on to coach the Lions and the Eagles before dying prematurely of stomach cancer.

Update:  Here’s McMillin’s answer:

I was up in East Lansing for the Wisconsin game but tuned into the radio broadcast and this morning I watched the replay.  (I broke down and ordered the expanded sports package on Comcast to get ESPNU).   It’s remarkable stuff to watch to be sure and like you, I’m still very worried about what’s going to happen in the next few weeks with this defense. 


* I expected it to be close, definitely closer than the spread, but not quite like that.  I read this Saturday morning and remember thinking it was silly for Sharp to be so specific in his prediction, but, pretty much:

Drew Sharp


This is a game that goes down to the last possession. The Hoosiers score a touchdown with less than a minute remaining, but that gives Denard Robinson enough time for another miraculous drive.

* Love the MS Paint giant shoe sign:

IU fans
Lon Horwedel –

* After the final pass of the game was broken up, cameras panned over to their obligatory shot of the winning coach.  Greg Robinson grabbed Rich Rod to tell him something and it was kind of weird:


* The other interesting sideline moment came just minutes earlier, after Taylor Lewan was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after Denard scored the game winner.  While ESPNU provided some good footage of the refs getting into it with Lewan (and Rodriguez blowing his stack), they really didn’t show what happened on the play.  Did anyone see what happened?

* Speaking of Lewan’s penalty, props to Seth Broekhuizen for killing that final kick-off and thanks to the coaching staff for not try a squib from that position.   And it looks like we finally got to see a little taste of the Will Hagerup some of us have seen in warm-ups and practice.  He did a good job today, bouncing back from the UMass UMess.

* Thanks to all the Spartan fans who informed me throughout the day that a) Denard’s going to get hurt, b) our defense sucks.  One guy who decided to wear shorts in the freezing weather tried to explain to me how we can’t win when 90% of the offense goes through one guy.  Good take, but maybe focus some of that keen analysis on your wardrobe selection.  Like this guy:


It’s a miracle he found his ticket in there!

Empty Crisler Arena
This is midway through the first half – this is real

Made it up to the game last night and it wasn’t as close as the 78-64 final score.

– It’s a little frustrating to sit and watch. The offense pretty much looks for an open three and then clanks it off the rim. The good news? It seemed like they were getting good looks at the rim before then tossing the brick.
– The highlight of the game was DeShawn Sims’ three-quarter court heave to end the half. The place erupted and that was nice to see.
– Newsflash: Eric Gordon is amazing. Michigan kept it relatively close near half because Gordon was on the bench with three fouls.
– A few local AA-list celebrities at the game including:
* Coach Carr with wife Laurie at mid-court. He got a huge cheer when they showed him on the screen.
* Coach Rod with a few new staffers (see pic). Both coaches spent some time with Florida grad and supreme hotness Erin Andrews.
* Joe Dumars courtside checking out the talent.
* Sam Webb of WTKA.

– As far as the arena, it was at best 40% full with large portions of the Maize section empty. Four of us walked up to Crisler without tickets. A few different fans handed us free tickets within minutes.

– Carty reacts to the Jay Bilas comments. He inserted the entire Bilas comment on Beilein in the post then reacts. Check it out.
– publishes Coach Rod’s entire new staff. Glad to see he retained equipment manager Jon Falk, keeper of the Little Brown Jug.
– MLive published the audio of Rich Rodriquez’s interview with Jim Rome from yesterday. I’ve got it here:

Update Postgame:

Eric Gordon: Money!

And in case the Indiana blow-out wasn’t out of your mind yet, the IU Blog Inside the Hall runs a little film session on Eric Gordon demonstrating the super frosh’s ridiculous range. The set? You bet: Crisler arena.