By popular demand…Jerry Jones pregame:

Photo Sep 01, 6 30 50 PMPhoto Sep 01, 6 30 53 PMPhoto Sep 01, 6 31 06 PMPhoto Sep 01, 6 31 08 PM

05 - Jerry!


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A few more from around the field during pregame:

001 - Warming up in MSU end 
Interesting – Rich Rod had the kickers warm up in the Mississippi State end during pregame.  (After they kicked on the Michigan side of the field).  RR was watching the kicks pretty closely.


002 - crown
There is a bit of a crown on the field – I don’t think it will affect Robinson but we’ll see.

002 - Treezy 
Roundtreezy getting ready…

004 - treezy 
…and grabbing a drink

 006 - bully  20
This is “Bully XX” – almost needed #21 after the Miss State players stomped out.


 006 - gallon
Jeremy Gallon warmed up with the quarterbacks.

A few from pregame down on the field. 

002 - Slippery Rock
The crew from Slippery Rock – they got a huge welcome from the crowd:


003 - Wooo

I don’t have any audio but trust me, it sounded like exactly like this: “Wooooooooooo!”   Ladies Field Hockey champions, the “Woo” girls


011 - Alex Wood 
The other champs—here’s Men’s soccer team captain Alex Wood with their new hardware:


005 - T Wolf
Troy Woolfolk looking well; walking around


006 - Ball!Ball!  Ball!  Ball!


006 - Brandon StudentsThis is your AD Dave Brandon, chatting with a few students about the new lights and the test he did this week.

009 - Leap2

Always a great performance by the drum major – here with the leap.

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I’ll post a few here, my favorite first:

denard robinson pregame michigan state


The legend Mark Messner no doubt recalling his epic battles with Tony Mandarich, here with his two sons before the game:

003 - messner boys


1964 team captain Jim Conley says ‘Hail!’

1964 Michigan captain Jim Conley


Off topic, it was an incredible day there for tailgating.  Here two wild and crazy guys lost their football in the 18th hole pond and took an unprecedented means to retrieve it:

003 - goof balls2

The Screaming Eagle dropped in pregame:

parachute drop in

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Sights and sounds on the field pregame, enjoy:


Shoelaces, spreading just like the flu, watch out home boy don’t let it catch you:


Proficient at cradling the pigskin for sure:

004 balls

Many eyes on these guys today:


Lil’ "Miss Buckeye State" favors your favorite team, and made that very clear to me when I asked:

002 Miss Buckeye


  • Broken Records – BGSU
  • Bowling Green Postgame: Still Feeling Alright
  • Yeesh
  • Feeling Alright
  • A few more photos from pregame during warm-ups etc.  

    I tweeted the info that Mike Hart was donning an Amazing Spider-Man t-shirt, to which I was promptly challenge to prove it.  Comic book nerds/Michigan fans (i.e., 85% of Michigan fans), rejoice:


    Greg Mathews was hanging with Hart:




    Don’t mess with this man:


    Tay Odoms:


    Rich Rod and crew waiting for UConn to clear the tunnel after warm-ups:


    Giant block M:


    U-M brass:  Dave Brandon and Mary Sue Coleman:


    A few early shots from the game as fans trickle in.  Why not?   I’ll also be down on the field for pregame and post so stay tuned and follow me on Twitter

    First, the stadium and field because it’s about that today:



    The commemorative water bottle (hey, that’s a cool shot!):IMG_0500


    The commemorative pin.  Yes, ‘Shoe, I took it out of the plastic, a little bigger than a quarter:IMG_0501

    Hey, I’m going to give the Fan Vision video unit a test drive.  My sausage fingers might distort, but it’s the size of a DSI, a little bigger than an iPhone:


    A few of the sights and sounds from the pregame Saturday. 

    Beastly Jake Long returns to the Big House for the game:

    jake long michigan

    CNN Chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta represented.  He was only asked 39 times if he had a prescription for the Wolverines’ woes:

    sanjay gupta michigan

    A look at the Ohio State throwback uniform and the Buckeye stare drill:

    Throwback Ohio State Uniforms 

    This Buckeye band member got tuckered out in the middle of the script Ohio and decided to take a knee on the Michigan sideline:

    Buckeye drummer

    1969 team take the field, you can also see a video here:


    Zoltan and parents:

    zoltan on senior day

    Team getting ready to come out, check out Brandon Minor in streets on the left (with towel covering some type of brace on his shoulder):


    Sweetness Melanie Collins of the Big Ten Network swung by our tailgate (hosted by Kristen and Todd Mitchell) to get some footage for their Big Ten Cookout show:

    Nov 21 2009 - VID00076_2 

    You’ve no doubt seen quite a few pics and videos of the M Club banner.  Here’s kind of a unique perspective from right past the banner.  I actually felt a strong breeze as they rushed by:

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    For a November day in Michigan, it can’t get any better.  Heading toward mid-60s, you can get away a light jacket and a golf shirt today.  Mesko warming up:


    I blasted a Tweet before the game to this effect, but I caught Tate trotting off the field toward the lockers before the initial stretching, etc.  The Purdue band was rolling that giant drum down the tunnel and Tate decided to tried to squeeze by

    drum1 drum2

    He made it (barely), but Tate – BAD READ!