1. Well said, Greg :)

  2. Anyone glad Pryor decided to go to tOSU instead of MICHIGAN?!?! Ha ha ha!

  3. @Chris
    Pryor is still deadly, but I’m wondering if he’s second-guessing the decision to play under Tressel in the more-of-a pro-style offense. Rodriguez would have turned him loose (obviously).

  4. @Chris


    I’m really glad that we got Forcier than Prior also. I think that Forcier is a more accurate passer, and he seems to have a great presence about him. Yesterday when Tate threw the interception my first reaction was…Mattews ran the wrong route…..NOT who in the hell is he throwing to? They are sooooo fun to watch this year!! Go Blue!!!

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  6. This is a great pic. Works well as my new iPhone wallpaper. Thanks!