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God bless your cotton pickin’ maize and blue fedora-covered ears, old Ufe returns Saturday.

1979 Michigan State GameContinuing an awesome tradition, starting at noon Saturday WTKA 1050AM will air another game from the Bob Ufer radio archives, this time the 1979 battle against #16 ranked Michigan State played in East Lansing on October 6.  [According to the stub, the kick-off was at 1:30PM?].

So after weeks of ignoring those important in your life, tune in while you are making good with your spouse, friends, family or putting rake to leaf in the yard. 

1979 held a special significance in Ann Arbor as it was the 100th anniversary of the Michigan football program.  A grand banquet was held in “Chrysler” Arena (oy!) on September 8th of that year.  Willis Ward was a guest speaker and represented the decade of the 1930s.  1979 also featured Ufer delivering the greatest radio call in college football history, just three weeks later. 

You can support the Ufer Foundation here.

More: ..from AnnArbor.com here, including an outstanding pic of Ufe from the MLive archives.

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WTKA to broadcast Ufer, 1979 Indiana game today

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Stub via ticketmuseum.com


  1. 79 was my freshman year at the U. 1:30 was the standard kickoff, unless we happened to be televised. (Remember, three networks, and cable was still a suburban luxury item.) It seemed a much more civilized game time – noon was always too early, especially for students, and by 3 oclocks just ended too late.

  2. I don’t think I have ever seen that “Women’s Athletics” Spartan head logo for MSU before. It’s certainly an interesting look.

  3. Hey Greg! I’ve never seen that logo before either, nice find. It looks like they tweaked the original logo a bit to look more “ladylike”.

    Hope all is well!
    – Don from a past work life :-)