Over 4,000 votes later you’ve got your Final Four in Death March Madness (current bracket HERE – background here). As promised we’re all worse off for having gone through this whole experience. The Michigan fan base is lashing out at anyone within focus and the coaching situation is pretty much as blurry as when Carr confirmed his retirement. You’ve indicated you hate #1 seed Kirk Ferentz and you now can’t stand Les Miles. Only one of the NFL candidates made it through is Chucky Gruden. As expected, Cincinnati headman Brian Kelly and Cal visionary Jeff Tedford are still alive.

Here’s a look at the final Four:

The Final Four is complete, here’s the current poll:


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  2. Jeff Tedford- c’mon. Let’s find someone tough, well respected, Michigan background, true blue, has a history of top level success. Oh- that was Les Miles. Yeah we don’t want him. FIRE MARTIN!

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