This morning on WTKA 1050AM Sam Webb mentioned the Demar Dorsey situation once again, basically reiterating he doesn’t expect the Florida 5-star recruit to be at U-M this fall despite the lack of official word on the matter.   But once again Sam hinted that something else might be in play:

Notable quote (beyond the ‘What you talkin’ about Willis? line):

“What will be interesting to see is where he ends up in the aftermath.    Because if he ends up at a JUCO then we know what the deals was–he wasn’t qualified.   If he winds up Florida State/Louisville/Cincinnati, then he was qualified, Michigan just didn’t take him and of course that brings up the question as to why.  We’ll have to wait and see on that.”

So clearly Webb heard something, to the point where he’s comfortable talking about Dorsey not making the (U-M) grade.   But I think you can read from this that something else is going on – recruiting insight is Webb’s business and he doesn’t toss out these suggestions lightly.    Read into it what you will, but sounds like Dorsey “qualified” but didn’t make it through Michigan admissions.

[Ed. Update June 7 – 9pm EDT]:

Word is starting to come out claiming that, indeed, Dorsey passed the clearinghouse but is getting the stop sign in Ann Arbor, per ESPN:

Demar Dorsey‘s (Lauderdale Lakes, Fla./Boyd Anderson) admission into Michigan remains in limbo, according to his high school head coach, Mark James.

The Under Armour All-American defensive back was committed to Florida for much of his senior season before decommitting and eventually switching to Michigan on national signing day. He is the No. 12 player overall in the Class of 2010.

Dorsey is fully qualified by NCAA standards, but the University of Michigan has yet to allow him to enroll.

“Demar is an NCAA qualifier with a 2.5 or 2.6 GPA and an 18 score on the ACT,” said James. “But he hasn’t yet been granted at Michigan.”

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  1. Dorsey is no where near NCAA Qualified!! He doesn’t even have his high school diploma yet!! Mark James is such a liar and mostly the reason the kid is in this mess!! You’ll see!!

  2. Doesn’t Michigan have somewhat higher standards then the NCAA (much like Notre Dame) ? I could be wrong but I thought I heard you need a 19 on your ACT to get into Michigan.

  3. I agree sayitain’tso….D.Dorsey isn’t finished yet. The last day of graduation for Broward County High School Senior is tomorrow 6/09/10 and a reliable source say Dorsey isn’t one of them!! They stated that he’s trying to retake some course he did poorly in. Nonetheless, he not a Final Qualifier with NCAA, unless they are qualifying kids without proof of high school completion!! Coach James you ought to be painted in honey so Bees can swarm you and sting the Hell out for Lying!!

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