From reader Daniel:

I love reading the posts about custom Brown Jugs that readers make.  In an awesome twist of fate, I found myself as the owner of a replica mini Brown Jug.  Actually 11 of us did. 

One of my good friends got married in August.  As a gift for all the guys who stood up, ushered, etc…he had replica Brown Jugs made.

I had to pass these photos along.

Right on, brother.   Best wedding photo EVER:

Like those guys didn’t get action that night.   Check out these beauties:

M and M    scores

One disappointment: As an ordained minister in Jugology, I feel like I should have officiated this wedding. 

I case you are wondering, yes, all the scores are on there and it has the two spots awaiting the 2011 and 2012 games.   Nicely done, gents! 

Consider yourselves in the Jug Brotherhood, Local 1903 along with:


  1. What a great idea !!! Eleven more members of “Jug Brotherhood – Local 1903” with the ‘Honorary Members’ being Greg Dooley, Fielding H. Yost, Oscar Munson, Jon Falk and the one-and-only Thomas B. Roberts, the poor Michigan Student Football Manager who Yost sent to the store before the 1903 Michigan-Minnesota to buy the very first and original Little Brown Jug…..GO BLUE

  2. ….i guess we can throw 1903 Minnesota AD Louis Cooke on the ‘Honorary Member’ list..since he is the one who started this whole thing by saying, “If you want the Jug back – you need to WIN It back” to Yost….Dennis Dail

  3. @DDMich
    Dennis, there might be a quiz later :) …so read your LBJ Lore and read Cooke’s own words on how the rivalry really started: