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I don’t know.  Looks like it is still down to frosh Brendan Gibbons and 5th year Jason Olesnavage (o-less-NAV-ich).  Rodriguez indicated during today’s presser that it’ll come down to the Western game but added the Gibbons had a good day yesterday.  Not much to go on, and I don’t have much more for you.

I got a brief look at them today and they’re easy to distinguish.  Gibbons doesn’t look anything like a freshman clocking in at 6’0” 229, probably one of the heaviest kickers you’ll meet outside of Sebastian Janokowski.  “Stretch” Olesnavage of Ferndale is one of the tallest you’ll find at 6′ 5” (same as Mike Vanderjagt).

Olesnavage took the first set of kicks on one particular field goal drill but I’m not sure that means much.  The senior gets the ball up in a hurry, probably not a shock considering he’s six-foot-five.  You’d need a Vada-Welborne tandem to get a piece of that ball.

Gibbons, the lefty, seemed to be a little more consistent but boots it on a flatter plane.  Based on my quick look I’d give the slight edge to Gibbons. 

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