Is it great to be a Michigan Wolverine?   ‘The Mood’ was created in March 2013 with the goal gauging the collective mood of the Michigan fanbase.   The index is driven by a variety of factors, primarily the three major sports with an emphasis on, naturally, football.  And yes, this whole exercise is a bit silly but whatever.

Thanks to Scott at The Blockhams for the artwork on the M faces; here’s the current Mood:

Current chart, data and notes:


Here’s the 2013-14 athletic year:


Category – The five factors driving the Mood.  Football, Basketball, Hockey are primarily driven of course by the performance of these teams but can also be impacted by off the field factors such as recruiting, coaching hires/fires, etc.   Schadenfraude is a metric driven by the misfortune of our rivals.  ‘Everything Else’ is the catch-all for the M Olympic sports and other events surrounding Michigan off the field.
Category Weight – Generally a static weight, measures the influence each metric holds on the Mood.  Football is king.
Proximity – Adjusts the formula based on the proximity of the given sport sits on the minds of the fanbase.  Example:  The proximity of basketball was sky high during the 2013 Final Four for obvious reasons.
Adjusted Weight – Simply multiplies the Category Weight x Proximity.
Index – Scores the given situation in each sport category.


This March 16, 2013 post explains the origins of The Mood:

Last night in the quarterfinals of the CCHA tournament my mood lifted.  And it was a welcome lift, just hours after the dismal loss to Wisconsin in the Big Ten tournament.   Freshman Jacob Trouba took the puck past the blue line, pump-faked a slapshot which froze both the goalie and a defender and then blasted the puck in the net top shelf.  It felt good man.

Michigan went onto to win, continuing its hockey winning streak and I felt better.

How much better?   A “tad” better.

I like to say that most Michigan fans would trade almost anything positive that happens off the gridiron (in anything but hoops..maybe) for a third down conversion.  I took a crack at summarizing how I feel about everything that goes on down on State Street and its corresponding impact on what I’ll call “The Mood”.

Update 3/21:  A revision based on feedback and a few thoughts.  One, while I despise some of our rivals who seem to thrive on schadenfreude, it is a factor a Buddy from Stunt3 points out.  And there’s certainly a proximity adjustment needed.  Right now the NCAA tournament is driving much of the overall mood.   I love the Crowd Sourcing idea, but I think that’s Mood 2.0 as noted in the comments.

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