Is it great to be a Michigan Wolverine?   ‘The Mood’ was created in March 2013 with the goal gauging the collective mood of the Michigan fanbase.   The index is driven by a variety of factors, primarily the three major sports with an emphasis on, naturally, football.  And yes, this whole exercise is a bit silly but whatever.

Thanks to Scott at The Blockhams for the artwork on the M faces; here’s the current Mood:

This March 16, 2013 post explains the origins of The Mood:

Last night in the quarterfinals of the CCHA tournament my mood lifted.  And it was a welcome lift, just hours after the dismal loss to Wisconsin in the Big Ten tournament.   Freshman Jacob Trouba took the puck past the blue line, pump-faked a slapshot which froze both the goalie and a defender and then blasted the puck in the net top shelf.  It felt good man.

Michigan went onto to win, continuing its hockey winning streak and I felt better.

How much better?   A “tad” better.

I like to say that most Michigan fans would trade almost anything positive that happens off the gridiron (in anything but hoops..maybe) for a third down conversion.  I took a crack at summarizing how I feel about everything that goes on down on State Street and its corresponding impact on what I’ll call “The Mood”.

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