Close enough.  Funny, there are only a few decent Hoke pics to choose from but that’s about to change.

Sure, I wanted a bigger name coach and I wanted Harbaugh to be here (and Harbaugh was certainly offered).  I’m anxious about how this is going to go but I’m excited to watch it play out.

Dave Brandon had a process to get us here.  While my support is unwavering, I, too have process in judging Hoke and how I think this thing is going to go.

A few near-term inputs:

  • Hearing what he says at the presser today to Michigan fans and his plan of rebuilding this program.
  • Watching his staff come together.
  • Seeing how he handles the current recruiting class and how high school coaches react to Hoke in the near term.
  • We know some players will leave due to the coaching change (Tate doesn’t count), but who and how many?  How does Hoke handle it?
  • Watching how the team reacts and performs during Spring practice and the Spring game.

For those unhappy, I understand.  You feel like we had a #1 pick but settled on a mid-round guy.  So do you dig your heels into your bitter hole and hope you’re right, or judge Hoke on his actions at the helm?  Unite the clans.  Don’t storm State Street, they are ready:



  1. "What's the matter with Flintstone? He's all right!"

    Certainly, Hoke was down on the depth chart. Harbaugh (1st) opted for the NFL. I don't think he seriously considered UM because, career-wise, that's not the step he wanted to take.

    Les Miles would be a fool to leave LSU, where he's turning into an SEC legend. I live in SEC country, and the SEC brand is the hottest thing going. Miles competes for the national championships, and UM won't be competitive in for a Big Ten championship for a few more seasons. At 57, I would have been shocked if Miles had opted for UM.

    I think Hoke (3rd on the depth chart) is a great choice, but how he handles the recruiting process is critical. He'll need a solid Defensive Coordinator and be able to convince Denard that their styles will work together successfully. There's mystery there, but there's also the link to heritage and tradition. He'll draw the thick-necked D and O line guys that RichRod thought were overweight.

    My only problem with Hoke right now: Does he wear a cap? Every UM head coach has worn a cap!

    • Greg from MVictors

      The hat question is important. And Flintstone? Heck of a bowler, I know this

      • Over/under on the Denard question one they open it up? It has to come in the first three questions, if not the very first. Looking forward to his answer.

  2. Great insight man! Looking forward to the presser today….

  3. This isn't Hoke's fault. We don't like being lied to, or feeling like The Process was a charade. Hoke's been set up to fail by his boss and it's not his fault.

    But hey we get to do this all again in 3 years when we're looking for a new AD too.

  4. I'm sure most Michigan fans are anticipating his speech at halftime of the B-ball game tonight v OSU in hopes he can pull off a Tressel like phrase to rally the troops…." in 310 days in Ann Arbor Michigan….". that phrase will live in Buckeye lore forever.

  5. Hey all, if possible can we please cut out the fat comments – about anyone. This whole process has no place for personal attacks against a coach who, whether you like him or not, will in fact give 100% to the Team. If he give 100%, I'm behind him. Personal attacks are childish and have no place in the discussion.

  6. @Brent: I need more than rumors as a basis to accuse someone of lying. I think DB did an excellent job. He represented the U. very well on a very public stage, and demonstrated our commitment to doing the right thing no matter what the pressure (to fire someone before the season ends, to fire them before they have a chance to speak for themselves, to spread rumors about the search, to violate the confidence of private meetings, etc.).

    We should be honored that a man in Les Miles position even considered the job; it’s hard to imagine any other elite coach doing the same for any other job. Also, you’ll note that both he and Harbaugh publicly expressed their confidence in Brandon and their love for Michigan.

    And Brady Hoke represents those values too; people who know him universally seem to talk about his exceptional character and his care for the student-athletes. Whether he can win in the Big Ten isn’t certain, but unless we hired Jim Tressel, there would be no guarantees (as we learned in the last three years).

    Go Blue!

  7. I agree Greg, more to love!

  8. Listening to the press conference. Whether you like Brady or not, if you don't get pumped up you might as well root for that team down south!

  9. DB just confirmed Tate has left the program and no longer with the team.