Here’s the last entry* in ‘This Week in Michigan Football History’ to be played Saturday on WTKA 1050AM’s Key Bank Countdown to Kick-off pregame show before The Game.

It’s probably the most unique segment in the series as we go back — ALL the way back – to the 1800s and talk about the game played on this day in 1883 against Stevens Institute, the first game ever played against Racine College and a few key facts from the underappreciated 19th century.  I hope you enjoy it:

Thanks to reader Scott B. for pointing out to me the tie to George Jewett, the first black player in Michigan (and conference) history, and the current team. 


Believe it – according to U-M Media Relations, freshman DB Courtney Avery is a descendant of Jewett.  I’m digging for some better details on this.

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* Exclusive: We might to special hockey history segment for the Big Chill so look out for that.


  1. Really looking forward to learning more about how Jewett and Avery are related.

  2. Irving Pond and his brother Allen were the architects for the Michigan Union and Michigan League. If you travel to MSU, Kansas or Purdue, you will also find Pond designed student union buildings.