A big happy birthday to Michigan’s legendary Heisman Trophy winner Tom Harmon.  Old 98 would have been an old 90 today and all the maize and blue faithful should rejoice.

What a perfect time to roll out a special edition of my now dusty “Tom Harmon vs. The Drunk Fan” video, published a couple years ago after finding a wonderful page of Life Magazine depicting this awesome incident.  Coincidentally this happened 69 years ago today as well, on Harmon’s 21st birthday!

I updated it with fresh text frames, new quotes and a little bit of Varsity and The Victors to spice it up.   Enjoy and share with your Meeecchigan friends:

Update 9/29:  Funny thing happened.  At around 00:57 seconds in, the choir sings the words "Down the Field" in Varsity just as the #2 photo from Life appears with the caption "Down the Field."   Creepy weird, man.  Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of the Moon weird.

Update 9/30:  Got a note from reader ‘Roger’ who added that Brennan and Harmon "became friends and he sent Harmon a birthday card every year after that."  That’s great.

Update 9/30 #2:  The great WolverineHistorian posted a video clip of the incident (I’m still partial to mine) but it’s excellent – click here.

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  1. Great Post !!!!!!

    What a special player he was. I wish that I knew more about him. Did he play offense and defense? I think he did. What position did he play on defense? Or did he just line up anywhere?

    I think I have an old Life magazine around here with him in it.
    Do you know if he appeared in Life magazine more than once?

    Thanx, Brad

  2. fantastic work. I never heard that story before.

  3. There’s a great story about Harmon’s record at UM and in World War Two in the Michigan Today archives (click here)

  4. @John Lofy
    Thanks guys – and thanks for the link John.

  5. From the video:
    “Michigan visits the California Berkley Stadium”.

    Berkley? I’m pretty sure it’s spelled Berkeley. LOL

  6. Thanks Stan – there’s actually two typos on that slide. I don’t have an editor. Glad you got a LOL out of that.

  7. Harmon was great – he was great to watch. I lived in Ann Arbor at that time – saw every home game. He played both offense and defense. The “two platoon” system came later. He had help – We must not forget Forest Eveshevsky (sp) who blocked for him. He too was great. On more than one occasion I saw him block three at a time. He was a part of Harmon’s success.

  8. Fantastic, thanks for that piece of comedy history that I absolutely would have missed if not for your site.

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  15. I did not know about the mace not being a baton. Or if it is fumbled (the best word I can think of) throwing it through the goal posts is bad luck. I never heard the story about some guy trying to tackle Harmon. Nor had I heard of getting a 2 John Daly cocktail penalty before. I quit drinking a very long time ago and shudder to think what that would do to my golf game. I learned a lot today and can’t wait to share with my UM family and friends,