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Roy Roundtree (TreezyUM12) can tweet, 7,188 times at the current count, but he has cooled down as of late. 

I caught him inside the Glick on Sunday during Media Day and talked a little Twitter:

treezy MVictors:  I know you use Twitter and you’re on Twitter quite a bit.  Do the coaches talk to you about using Twitter?
  Oh yeah, they always talk about Twitter.  “It’s not your friend”—that’s what they tell us, because it’s a social network and we’ve always got to watch what we say…they always emphasize that to us.”

MVictors:  So they say, “You can use it, but..”
They don’t want us to use it

MVictors: They ask you not to?
Yeah [laughs]

MVictors: But they’re not prohibiting you, and you still plan to use Twitter?
  Yeah.  I’m not a bad guy, I like to communicate with my fans and keep them updated now and again.  But right now, since I’m in camp, I really haven’t been using it.  I’m just focused on getting ready for September 3rd.

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