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  • If you missed it, check out these progressive screen shots of the Michigan stadium renovation from '09 –> http://bit.ly/bg2a3s #
  • Forgot about Bama, wow @PeterCBigelow If so, 2012 = Bama (potentially), at ND, at Nebraska, Iowa, at OSU. Murderer's Row #
  • Brandon on Notre Dame rivalry. "We're going to contract out several years, probably to 2014 or 2015.." Handshake agreement for beyond that. #
  • Brandon: "went back and forth" but in the end, decided that overall conference record wins division. #
  • "I don't know how you lay it out any better for Michigan." Dave Brandon on WTKA. "We came out of this really, really well." #
  • Dave Brandon on WTKA right now. Joked that he had 2006 U-M graduates emailing him explaining the importance of the OSU-UM rivalry. #
  • Jug rivalry preserved? Good, now keep Mich-OSU end of November. #
  • http://twitpic.com/2jyord – U-M football equipment truck stuck on my road. Tell Big Jon they got it out. #
  • http://twitpic.com/2jq0xr – Hmm, something very cool with the new Victors Club decals..can't put my finger on it #
  • Sat. pregame: get in your seats about 20-30 minutes prior to game. Stadium history video, ribbon cutting midfield, Brock leads team out #
  • RR expects UConn to take "deep shots" early on, maybe first play of the game. (Me, too.) #
  • On players' nerves on Saturday, "Big Jonny will probably have to bring some extra pairs of pants" (laughs) #
  • Schilling: on Tate, working really hard and he's "excited to see what he can do this year" #
  • Shonte Orr not listed on the depth chart, but a few other ors #
  • No "ors" in the first string secondary – Rogers, Gordon, Kovacs, Floyd, + Carvin Johnson at hybrid #
  • Roundtree on the anticipation for the unveiling of the renovation, "It's going to be wonderful" #
  • "Once Wojo croaks/chokes on a Nutter Butter, I'll slip right in there with Stoney" RT @deryNBA What was I thinking years ago? #
  • Oh piss. The annual SAE Mud Bowl game will be held Nov 6, not on Homecoming (Oct 16) due to student break during that week. #

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