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  • Woot! M Hockey tickets arrived today – expect big things in 2010-11 #
  • Just saw a picture of Hammer in the paper. Had flashback when he showed up at Crisler to watch the Fab 5 #
  • SbB take on my 1910 Daily article RT @SPORTSbyBROOKS Michigan football players could forget jersey names. And numbers. http://bit.ly/b2sMHE #
  • Great shot of Denard by Dell at @umgoblog –> http://bit.ly/roasting16 #
  • Colin Cowherd's set for tomorrow via @sbnationdetroit –> http://yfrog.com/1xlt9j #
  • Anyone heading to see Colin Cowherd's show in Ann Arbor tomorrow? Would love some pics if you have the means #
  • Guest host on Jim Rome is Burning said go ahead and engrave Denard's name on the Heisman. Sheesh. #
  • Talking about stress in the wake of the Dantonio issues, RR still hits the stairmaster 5x week, starting hitting weights this spring #
  • Coach Rod thanked the media for advertising the open call for students who can kick. Said a kid stopped him in the parking lot today #
  • Wow – what a punt by Mesko for the Pats. Atta boy Z! #missingmesko #
  • RR: "The Michigan football program sends our thoughts and prayers to Coach Dantonio and his family. We hope for a full and speedy recovery." #
  • RT @HondoCarpenter: Prognosis good and a full recovery expected per Hollis. #
  • Unconfirmed whether MSU swapped Dantonio for a lookalike, a la the move 'Dave', thus explaining the ballsy OT call. #toosoon #
  • hearing from good sources in EL that Dantonio felt ill after taping his coaches show, had a stent or similar procedure done, hope he's ok #
  • Next move, Rocky-like scream "ADRIAN!" @cdbarker Is Steven Threet the first human in recorded history to rep the 5-1-7 non-ironically? #
  • Threet's "517" headband is a real classic #
  • Sidewalk sale at A2 Torch and Pitchfork! #
  • Ann Arbor Torch & Pitchfork closing up shop for today #
  • Wow, four straight impressive TD drives. "We want Hagerup" #
  • Someone in the press box just said, "It's going to be a loooonnngg season" as that kick sailed wide. Relax man #
  • The great Bob Chappuis before the game –> http://bit.ly/ai64Av #
  • Late arriving crowd missing an impressive UMass drive. Offensive line averages 309 and looks all of it #goblue #
  • Rich Rod said he might tinker with Hagerup's pregame routine–spotted him throwing the ball (and he's got a nice arm) #punting #
  • Just spotted Troy Woolfolk in crutches, big smile, looking good. #

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