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  • Happy Birthday Big House–first game in Michigan Stadium vs. Ohio Wesleyan played October 1, 1927 (33-0) #
  • 2 time national champ, team MVP, & pulled a pilot out of a burning plane. Michigan Man? http://bit.ly/8YhTc7 #
  • Carvin Johnson and Denard Robinson both listed at Probable. #
  • Woodson on WTKA: “there’s no way” he’d return his Heisman Trophy like Bush #
  • Chuck Woodson on WTKA 1050AM this morning #
  • Hardest working man in the biz RT @MGOFootball: Catching up with WTKA’s producer and co-host..Ira Weintraub – http://bit.ly/96rove #
  • RT @LVSatTOC: Well this could be interesting. RT @HondoCarpenter Tonight on Spartan Nation Radio: Todd Heywood … http://tmi.me/1Pr6S #
  • This Bentley Library footage of Yost and the 1926 team is so great –> http://bit.ly/UM1926 #
  • Moe’s/Underground is offering a free entry into the Big House Big Heart Run this Sunday. Interested? http://bit.ly/cBENuD #
  • RT @sbnationdetroit: Louis Delmas Flips Off Someone During Vikings Game (Photo) http://sbn.to/doR2mu #
  • Check out D. Stonum’s look today for the press conference! #nerdsrule #goblue http://plixi.com/p/47492436 #
  • Did you know? Will Hagerup’s brother Chris Hagerup is Indiana’s starting punter. #
  • Courtney Avery is going to switch to #5 Rich Rod jokingly asked the media if there was any controversy with that number. (I’m thinking) #
  • RR on Indiana’s receivers “Big guys, very athletic, they can run..” “it’s a concern for us” #
  • RR: Denard has a bruise, “hopefully he’ll be able to do practice tomorrow”. Expects him to play, won’t be gametime decision #
  • A rundown of some of the records set Saturday, and I found one that I dispute based on 1910 Michigan Daily article: http://bit.ly/aze113 #
  • Shaw gave me the “thumbs up” and Denard just jumped 41″ in celebrating his roommate’s TD. #
  • Hagerup has looked great today, here in the most action he’s had today: http://mvictors.com/images/2009original/001_thumb1.jpg #
  • Tate’s limping pretty hard right now #
  • Shoelace threw on a jacket, still standing on the sideline, left leg wrapped #
  • Denard-a-minute: in 9 minutes of elapsed game time, shoelace had 189 total yards, 2 TDs, that’s 21 yds/minute, 1.3 pts/min #
  • Roundtree looked to be drenched in slippery (snake) oil, eluding 5 would be Falcon tacklers #
  • A contact on the M sideline tells me Denard is “fine” #
  • Anthony Michael Hall in the Breakfast Club exuded more confidence than these refs #
  • Michigan will not lose a timeout, but you will not get those 10 minutes of your life back #
  • Shoelaces being untied all the country at the moment. And on the Michigan sideline: http://bit.ly/cEEOfw #
  • RT @cdbarker: Is every person in Boise at Bronco Stadium for GameDay this morning? #

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