A few more photos from pregame during warm-ups etc.  

I tweeted the info that Mike Hart was donning an Amazing Spider-Man t-shirt, to which I was promptly challenge to prove it.  Comic book nerds/Michigan fans (i.e., 85% of Michigan fans), rejoice:


Greg Mathews was hanging with Hart:




Don’t mess with this man:


Tay Odoms:


Rich Rod and crew waiting for UConn to clear the tunnel after warm-ups:


Giant block M:


U-M brass:  Dave Brandon and Mary Sue Coleman:



  1. Nice photos, although I think the comic book nerds/michigan fans should probably be altered to 85% of fans who follow blogs, as in my opinon the non bloggers are far less nerdy

    Interested in hearing what you thought of the new press area, lines for concessions, the new bathrooms, and whether the ban on water bottles would be an issue on a hot day at all

  2. Anyone think Brandon looks a little like Harrison Ford??

  3. Also, I enjoy that every photo I have ever seen, Mike Hart is making the same essential "woo" face.