Still pretty meaningless, here’s where some of your major sources have Michigan’s bowl game and opponent for 2007. Complete BCS bowl projections are tracked here.

CollegeFootballNews ( Michigan vs. South Carolina & the OBC, Outback Bowl
CBS Sportsline: Florida State (& the O-est BC) vs. Michigan, Champs Sports Bowl
ESPN (Bruce Feldman): Michigan vs. Kansas State, Alamo Bowl
ESPN (Mark Schlabach): Michigan vs. Tennessee, Captial One Bowl

By the way, two of the sources have your Ohio State Buckeyes returning to the big game, and I can’t say I see them losing a game up to that point.


  1. OSU will not win out. Get real. In fact, I’ll bet money, @PSU or @UM is an L.

    [Get real? Did you watch the Bucks destroy Purdue? What have you seen of Michigan makes you think they can beat them?]

  2. I’m not sure how good Purdue is at this point. But to say OSU will win out is, well, blasphemous. I’m just going to pretend I didn’t read that.

  3. Lloyd Carr is Joe Pa’s kryptonite
    Joe Pa is Jim Tressel’s kryptonite
    Jim Tressel is Lloyd Carr’s kryptonite

    So PSU will beat OSU and
    OSU will beat UM