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 Dr. Sap's Decals

Steve “Dr. Sap” Sapardanis is back this season with his weekly postgame helmet stickers.  Sap would do a backflip if coach Hoke decided to reinstate this tradition that Bo brought to the team in 1969. 

Until that day comes, Sap will bring you his game Champions who will be decorated, albeit virtually, with his helmet stickers.   I’ll typically toss in the Fan Award and the Editor’s Choice:


Devin Funchess – There is an old Canadian Hockey saying about getting or giving a “Hotel Dieu Pass” to or from one of your teammates. That means your inaccurate pass caused one of your teammates to get laid out and lit up, to the point where they have to be taken off on a stretcher and taken to the local hospital. (Hotel Dieu is a common Canadian Hospital name.)


What that pass did, aside from Funchess taking a wicked shot, was jack up Utah even more. When you get a freebie to lay out one of the stars from the other team, you have just incited the feeding-frenzy to begin.

over the middle 
Via mgoblog / Fuller

So while it was just one incomplete pass, it was MUCH more than that. It was Utah’s cue to come after Michigan for more. I commend Funchess for staying in the game and making two huge catches after that hit. Devin Gardner, you owe Funchess a dinner, and an apology.

DEFENSIVE CHAMPION Jourdan Lewis – Dude came to play and it showed. He held his own and then some against a quality group of receivers. The defensive backfield may have lost Raymon Taylor for a while, but they just found themselves a new corner. Lewis has closing speed on routes and also when tracking down opponents on blown coverage. So impressed with this guy!
SPECIAL TEAMS CHAMPION None – I don’t know what to say. Giving up a punt return for a TD is always lethal, but is it too much to ask your punter to angle for the coffin corner?
UNIFORM CHAMPION “M” Terrible Towel – Thought it looked cool that most of the skilled players on offense were all wearing it as well as some of the guys on D. Just worried that the “Terrible Towel” name and connotation might stick.
BOB UFER FAN AWARD Those Who Stayed – This category is quickly turning into a Fan Endurance Award of sorts, but there’s no question who gets it this week:


EDITOR’S CHOICE Willie Henry Jr.  Obvious (via Ace at mgoblog)
 Henry Ace



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