ESPN radio’s Colin Cowherd revealed today that the Vegas Sports Consultants released their lines for the projected win totals of every college football team. Thanks to a caller to Cowherd’s show we learned that Michigan is set at 8. I would have thought it’d be set a tad lower (was thinking somewhere between 6.5-7.5 before I heard it). Keep in mind this only covers the regular season (no bowls, no conference championships).

Here’s the complete list of over/unders (scroll down past the odds of winning the national championship, M still 40-1 fyi). Here’s an audio clip with Ken White of the Vegas Sports Consultants where he talks about a few of teams including the Buckeyes:

Like Cowherd mentions in the clip, I also like to watch that Vegas poll. And I love that they are waiting for AP poll to drop before they release theirs. Expect Michigan somewhere in there given the 8 Over/Under and the recent odds released to win the national championship. I also love that White reveals that chumps like you and me tend to bet overs, therefore the lines are padded that way.

Guest columnist Schlimmy slipped this along, the odds were also released to win the Big Ten championship, of note: Michigan 11-2, Ohio 2-3, Illinois 4-1, Wisconsin 3-1, Penn State 5-1, MSU 12-1.

An admission : I’m actually starting to enjoy Cowherd’s show. Apologies to the blogosphere. His little personal philosophies are annoying and he used to beat the drum that Lloyd Carr couldn’t recruit arguing ‘Why would any high school athlete want to play for a grumpy guy like Carr?” (Answer: Not sure Colin, why don’t you ask all the four/five star recruits that end up in Ann Arbor every frickin’ year?). This said, I think he does a decent job driving interesting content. A pet peeve of mine is announcers who don’t talk about Vegas and the lines, etc., because they consider it low brow.

Vegas has M winning 8 this season. You'd bet:

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  1. I actually enjoy Cowherd’s show on the occasion that I listen to it as well. If you go in knowing that he doesn’t believe half the crap he says, and is just playing devil’s advocate, he does a very good job arguing.

  2. Nice post. You’ve been kicking arse lately.

  3. Damn were getting close to football season, I will save my thoughts/predictions for a later date but it’s fun to look at these totals and get a better idea of how teams should fare this year.

  4. The Nittany Lion

    You’ll be drastically lucky to make 8 wins. First year under Rich and you don’t have a quarterback that was higher than third string last year. You lost the nucleus of your offense including the starting quarterback, running back and one of the most dominant right tackles in the country. Good luck. HA. I don’t expect to hear “Hail to the Victors” many times this year. GO LIONS.

  5. As a Buckeye you know it’s hard for me to back Michigan in any way, but for a Penn State fan to be talking trash about a team that haven’t beat since what seems like before JoePa was coach is simply wrong!!

  6. The Nittany Lion

    HA. Like that matters. Name the last time Michigan was in a BCS Bowl game and won? 2003 Rose? Nope, beat by USC. How about the next year? Well you can talk to Vince Young about how that went. 2006 Rose? TROUNCED by USC. So stop bringing that ish up. And as for Ohio State. Killed in the last two National Championship games. Ouch. And when they beat Miami they were lucky to have the refs at the end of that game… BS pass interfearance call. C’mon. You’ve made the big ten the laughing stock of the nation thanks to your lame ass appearances in the sport’s pinnacle. So quit trying to bring up facts that don’t matter in the big picture, because if my recollection is correct, which it is, Penn State is the only Big Ten team to really represent when we’re given the opportunity. 1994 Rose bowl win should have given us a share of the national championship with an undefeated season which makes us all but equal to Ohio State’s one NC win in the last 15 years. So go hate on each other and leave the real contenders out of your pathetic excuse for a rivalry.

  7. Lion – WHAT? So the Big Ten conference games really don’t matter? That’s a convenient line of thinking for a team that’s been pummeled for that last decade+ in this league.

    Maybe that explains things. Guess what – you better start figuring out a way to win some conference games or you’re never going to get into another big game.

    As far as OSU, whatever, you’ve got no argument. They were the best this conference could offer and they very likely be back again next year.