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If you missed it, more nice work by WolverineHistorian—freshly updated below.  But first several notes:

  • Longtime Michigan fans know that back in the day U-M had a very tough time connecting on game-winning or game-sealing kicks.  Dr. Sap and I recently took a roadtrip down to Oxford (more on that later) where we listened to several old classic games..a few of which involve painstaking missed kicks that would have altered the course of U-M football history.
  • And speaking of those misses, it’s one of the reason Bob Bergeron’s kick against Iowa 30 years ago this season was such a freaking big deal.  From my interview in this year’s edition of HTTV Bergeron noted that fact saying, “So fortunately for me I was one of the first to make a game winning kick for a Michigan football team.  We had a lot of troubles with special teams over the years…” 
  • I’ll never stop reminding people that I caught Gibbons’ brunette girls kick off the Superdome net [6:49] in New Orleans.  Trust me..or come to my house where I still have it queued up on the DVR in HD.



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  1. i am sure there is no videotape available

    but don’t forget dana coin’s late fg against purdue in 1971