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I’ve heard a lot about the dogs Whiskey and Brandy providing Michigan Stadium some ball-chasing entertainment over the years, but I’m not sure I’d seen a video clip.  Via the Dr. Sap Archives from halftime of the epic 1969 Ohio State game:

More on Whiskey (and her puppy Brandy) from James Dickson in Michigan Today:

Fan demand grew to the point that administrators issued an announcement in the Michigan Daily asking that the dog’s owners make the halftime show a regular arrangement.”WANTED,” the announcement read, “Overwhelming demand for continued halftime performances for ‘Little Dog Blue’ and his magic ball has necessitated a full scale search for the small but strong star.

And check out this reprint of a 1970 Michigan Daily piece on the popular pooch, noting she even made it to Pasadena that season:

The Rogers feared there might be difficulties in getting her to Pasadena, but people connected with their trip were helpful in making arrangements for the dog.

The only real scare came when they learned at the last minute that the dog could not be accommodated on their chartered flight. As a last resort, Dave walked onto the plane at the end of the line with Whiskey in her traveling box, hoping that the other passengers would recognize her and insist that the dog be allowed to stay. As Rose Bowl watchers already know, his request was granted and the dog was able to perform at the Rose Bowl game.

I also noted that the exploits of Whiskey and Brandy were not mentioned in the Traditions list I started in 2013.  That’s fixed, and I plan on taking a deeper crack at the Traditions list later this offseason.


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  1. Interesting that there apparently was no problem with a college naming its animal entertainers “Whiskey” and “Brandy”! Definitely a different era.