If you are keeping score we have one less Michigan man this evening, as Mike Hart declared that Jim Harbaugh no longer can carry this distinction. So what is a Michigan Man? Check out a quote from this piece on former WTKA radio host Dave Shand that ran in the Michigan Daily 2 years ago, as he trys to describe it:

Schembechler introduced Shand to a concept that has stuck with him to this day and a concept shared by many Michigan alumni – the concept of a Michigan man. Even though being a Michigan man has as loose a definition as just about anything, it always embraces the devotion and pride that Michigan students and graduates have for their school.

It’s what has made Dave Shand’s relationship to Michigan so unique to any other college athlete.

“I still carry being a Michigan man with me today, and I will for the rest of my life,” Shand said. “It makes me feel smart, distinguished, dignified and highly regarded by others. People hear the name ‘Michigan,’ and they gasp or stand there in awe. The special luster that comes with being a Wolverine on and off the field is what has kept me in Ann Arbor.”

According to Shand, one of the greatest benefits of being a Wolverine is the sports legacy and history that you become part of, and the relationships that are created and sustained.


  1. Andrew Rosenstein

    Isn’t a Michigan man the same thing as a “Baird Man” (See “Scent of a Woman” – one of greatest scenes performed by Al Pacino)?

    Rose, you are a classic

  2. A Michigan Man …

    * is loyal to everyone/everything he cares about
    * knows a little about everything and is an expert in his field
    * takes the high road
    * defers to others in a gentlemanly fashion, but never compromises his own principles
    * has integrity, decency, intelligence, and a zeal for life
    * is what non-Michigan men strive to be

  3. A Michigan Man is a Renaissance Man!

  4. Norm Daniels, one great Michigan Man in the 1930’s

  5. A Michigan Man is a vain attempt to recreate and copy the legendary Harvard Man. It is an insecure reaction to feeling not quite up to par with the Ivies.

    • That's interesting. However, Bo coined the phrase first, so as per your comment: FAIL.

      How did it feel, getting rejected by Michigan?

  6. @Anonymous

    You gotta love Sparty’s determination.

  7. A Michigan Man is…Ben Millertime