1. Submit a haiku on this post below in the comments or email me, enter as many times as you like.
2. Make sure you include your email (I won’t use it for anything or give it to anyone other than to contact the winners)
3. Contest ends December 18th. Winner(s) will be notified and will have the crocs sent directly to them by the promoter. They can even specify size.

Topics I like:
Just some suggestions, anything is fair game and yes, if it’s funny it earns bonus points.
– Tying Michigan hoops to Michigan football in some way.
– Ripping on Jim Tressel
– Exploring the depths of John Beilein’s genius
– A poet’s interpretation of radio-show-caller-guy

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1 Comment

  1. Three pointers galore
    Even though Beilein was ill
    His team shot quite well

    Winecoolers he likes
    Disguised with a sweatervest
    He’s a shady guy

    Beilein made a Jevahn
    a pretty damn good shooter
    Better than Coleman

    Wheeling Jesuit
    Has only one famous grad
    You know who it is