On the eve of the 2010 Griese-Hutchinson-Woodson golf outing to benefit the new Mott Children’s hospital, on May 14 WTKA 1050AM will be bringing an unbelievable line-up in studio to specifically benefit the Charles Woodson Clinical Research Fund.

Feast your eyes:

7 – 9 am – Lloyd Carr and Charles Woodson
9 – 10 am – Jerry Hanlon
10 – 11 am – Steve Hutchinson
11 am – Noon – Gary Moeller
Noon – 1 pm – Brian Griese
1 – 2 pm – Jake Long
2 – 3 pm – Jeff Backus
3 – 4 pm – Jerame Tuman and Aaron Shea
4 – 5 pm – Mike Hart, Ron Bellamy and Drew Henson
5 – 6 pm – David and Jan Brandon and Rich Rodriguez

All contributions provided through the Radio-a-thon will benefit the Charles Woodson Clinical Research Fund. This fund aims to support and encourage ground-breaking innovations for new pediatric treatments and is critical to moving these initiatives from brilliant idea to viable therapies.

Use our online form to make a donation.

Mark your calendars.  For those out of town, you can pick up the live stream on WTKA.com.

A few more details here on the ‘Month of Mott’ campaign.


  1. I might have to set my PC to record the whole 11-hour block! That’s quite a lineup!