1. They probably just wanted the quality of the headline to match the quality of the writing.

  2. Mlive I know has “issues” with their headlines, although usually they are more related to content then spelling or grammar. A couple of weeks ago they had one where they said Max St Pierre’s call up was the most inspirational event of the season (uhh, Armando Galaraga almost no hitter anyone ?) and another where I believe they said Gerald Laird or Ryan Raburn (sorry, can’t remeber which) had totally turned his season around.

    In both cases in the article itself the author said nothing of the sort, and in the Laird (I think) article people were hammering the author and he basically posted a comment saying,paraphrasing- I pointed out that they improved their batting average by this many points and I don’t write the headlines-…. all that being said it does seem like a lot of articles that are posted on the web seem to skip the copy editing phase enirely.