I’m in Orlando for a few days on vacation, posts will be light for a little bit. You can’t escape Michigan football though. On my way to grab some groceries I picked up WQAM and listened to former Michigan All-American Jim Mandich who goes by ‘Mad Dog’. (As an aside, Mandich, a former Dolphin, referred to former Dolphins coach Nick Saban as “a giant piece of turd”).

I had a Michigan shirt on and while checking out, the cashier asked me how I liked Ann Arbor because he was applying to graduate school. I told him it was a nice town, blah, blah, blah, but then I heard a guy behind me ask, “Did you pay for that shirt?”. It was the dude bagging groceries in the next aisle who was flashing his Buckeye key chain.

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  1. A buckeye bag boy! tosu grads are really climbing the ladder of success.
    And turd references never get old. Enjoy Fla.