Here’s a set of the harshest quotes from the major local writers that covered the game.

Jim Carty, Ann Arbor News
“No imagination, no fun meant no chance for victory”
“When’s the last time Michigan let it rip?”
“[Michigan has] so many players that Carr can play it safe and still end up 11-2.”
“..there isn’t an offensive skill [high school] player who’d pick the Wolverines over Southern Cal or Boise State. Not one.”

Shawn Windsor, Detroit Free Press
“They couldn’t run…they couldn’t throw…They couldn’t block. They couldn’t defend.”
“It was stunning, really. Southern California ran the Wolverines off the field..”

Michael Rosenberg, Detroit Free Press
“Today I am making an exception [on his policy of not second-guessing play-calling]. Michigan’s play-calling in the Rose Bowl was embarrassing.”
“[Michigan] was horribly outcoached..”
“It was obvious that neither USC nor Michigan could run the ball. The difference was that USC admitted it.”
“You want to know the funniest part of all of this? Michigan is supposedly a candidate to be the No. 1 team in the country next preseason.”

Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press
“They lost the argument. They can no longer claim they were robbed of a national championship bid.”
“Michigan may be suffering from the weight of its diminished finishes.”
“[Michigan] looked like a team going backward, and you can’t keep ending your seasons that way.”

Bob (Wojo) Wojnowski, Detroit News
“With plenty to prove, [Michigan] sadly showed little, except how good USC is.”
“[Next year] U-M will be highly rated, but you can bet doubts will simmer.”
“[The Wolverines] must find ways to cleverly exploit opponents, just as they’ve exploited U-M.”
“…they better emerge a stronger team and a wiser team, and a team that is sick of seeing this scene repeat itself.”


  1. You gotta respect USC / Carroll. Up 2 TDs and game seemingly in hand they kept letting it rip down field and truly put the game away. Michigan / Carr would never play it that way.