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Via reader Larry, from the October 24, 1927 edition of The Lantern, the Ohio State student newspaper:


This was published on the Monday after Michigan Stadium was officially dedicated on November 22, 1927.  On that day over the 84,000 fans who packed the Big House watched Bennie Oosterbaan and the boys shutout the Buckeyes 21-0.  

While I’ve never heard anything but glowing reviews of Yost’s shiny new structure, at least one writer from Columbus was unimpressed.

For starters, compared to the ‘shoe, the new stadium lacked size and beauty:beauty For what it’s worth, Ohio Stadium was dedicated in 1922 & coincidentally Michigan was the opponent on that special day, a 19-0 victory for the Wolverines. 

The Lantern was also concerned that the playing field was a little tight on the perimeter:

room Here’s a look at an early shot from the end zone:

michigan stadium 1927

Final criticism, it was bear to get in and out:

leavingGuilty as charged.

So did they like anything?  Yes.  The view was lovely, even from row 100:

view A far as the game on the field, Michigan’s dominance and its ability to consistently reload was a mystery to the young man in the press box:

reloadedI think Yost had something to do with that.

A huge tip of the hat to Larry, my favorite Buckeye, for forwarding this over.


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  1. Flop Flora? That’s quite a name

  2. I was going to say exactly the same thing about Flop. I’m guessing he exceeded the quality of his name.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the article. I did find it interesting critique from the Ohio State school papers point of view. I love the history of Ohio State. But also Michigan or any and all college football history.
    I enjoy this site and check it often.