On August 11, 97.1FM afternoon hosts Mike Valenti and Terry Foster reacted to a caller who called them “irresponsible” for their reporting of the JT Turner departure, and evoked the name of Sam Webb of WTKA and GoBlueWolverine.   A few things happened.

First, Valenti ripped Webb’s credibility on matters of Michigan, calling him “shill” for the program and criticized Sam for framing 2-star M recruits as “the next Walter Payton.”  Valenti then ran down a list of players who he said bailed on Rich Rod and the program (I don’t think he mentioned where he got the list).    Here’s the audio of Valenti, Foster and update guy Matt Dery.

Fast forward to the following day when a caller into WTKA tells Sam about the comments about him on 97.1.   Sam’s reaction is one for the books, taking a swipe at Valenti but saving the best for his Detroit News colleague Foster, and longtime update man Dery.  Audio:

Blasts of note from Webb:

  • On Valenti: called him “the Sparty Gilbert Gottfried” and a “hack” and “a blowhard”.
  • “Tell him to quit sitting around, with Terry Foster bouncing in his lap, and go do some real work.”
  • “He can’t give you anything credible about Michigan..”
  • On Foster: “And Terry Foster?  You’ve got to be joking.  The dude is a walking minstrel show.  Stepin Fetchit, that’s his new name.  Sit up there and get punked everyday by Mike Valenti, wanna talk about me.”
  • “[he gets] verbally emasculated every day.  His opinion might be worth something if Mike didn’t give it to him.”
  • “The dude who pretends he has these surreptitious means to go out and get Michigan information.”
  • On Dery: “The Update guy?  I didn’t even know they let ‘Update Guys’ speak.  Why is the Update Guy even saying anything?
  • “If it’s the Update Guy I think you’re talking about, I think he was the Update Guy for another station.  That’s a pretty interesting career path.”
  • “He’s a glorified errand boy…Know your place.”
  • “Tell the dude to focus on getting Terry’s coffee, wiping Mike’s butt and reading me my Tigers score from yesterday…stay out of grown folks’ business.

The next day Sam and Ira walked through all the names of the players Valenti cited left the program.  The covered this in a couple  segments (part 1, part 2), here’s a summary of some of the names they questioned (click here for audio).

As far as I know this brouhaha didn’t roll into the following week but I’m guessing it’ll be interesting down at the News when Sam and Terry go pick up their paychecks.

FWIW – You know my take on Sam, he’s the best in the business as far as Michigan insight and information goes.   But I also like Valenti’s show–I think he’s a real talent.  I could do without the cocky, spittle-filled rant above going after Sam and he should have left that list of players on “The Red Cedar” as Coach Izzo says.


  1. I was fortunate enough to hear both pieces live- good stuff.

    I was, of course, listening to 97.1 in the afternoon because WTKA still allows that punkf-ck, Jeff DeFran, to have a show.

    In fact, I made it a point to call up Ira and ask if he found it interesting that so many people were calling into WTKA saying that they had heard Mike's rant and were not listening to DeFran. He laughed.

    Later Greg, I hope all is well :)

  2. As a loyal reader, I must say that I’m interested in reading about U of Michigan, Michigan sports, and Michigan football, if you take my meaning. The blog’s coverage of those topics is always interesting. Nuff said.

    • Greg from MVictors

      thanks and I understand, but also note that this site covering the local media isn't new. Note the interviews with Jim Carty, Dennis Fithian, Angelique, Michael Rosenberg, Pete Tiernan, and Dave Shand. I've always posted on the changes at the local stations (WTKA, WDFN) including the Shand firing from WTKA which I covered in great detail. The local radio scene and relevant clips has always been something I've done – for better or worse.

  3. Is this from yesterday? I remember Sam blowing up about this a few weeks ago. Is this another rant??
    -Other Craig

  4. Greg from MVictors

    Sam's clip in the post is from 8/12 (the day after the Valenti clip).