If you recall, the ‘3’ on the front of Ryan Van Bergen’s jersey was torn at some point during the San Diego State game earlier this year:

Check out Van Bergen’s jersey after the Ohio State game Saturday:

Van Bergen Sewn

Apparently instead of issuing RVB a new jersey (and I thought they had dozens of these things) they went with the repair. 

Was the repair requested by RVB either because he liked the fit of this jersey and/or he didn’t want to tempt fate after the fast start this season?

Was it a nod to longtime equipment manager Henry Hatch used to personally sew the jersey numbers on the uniforms? 

A mandate from State Street as cost saving measure? 


  1. Greg, I’m going with RVB requested the repair, especially as the super stretchies were abandoned by half of the team. If the only new option was a super stretchy, he probably just kept asking Falk to fix it for him please.

  2. I’d have to agree with Craig on this one. Those Adidas TechFit jerseys are an abomination, just like when the NHL switched over to the “Edge” jersey system (they had to replace most of the fabric with the old style).

  3. Maybe it has something to do with the American flag patch. Perhaps they only had one set of jerseys made with the patches, and no remaining patches.

  4. Nope. Just realized the “torn” picture was from SDSU, not Nebraska.

  5. I’m thinking that it has to do with superstition…